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SIFF 2014

I’m lucky to have written music for a few films in the Seattle International Film Festival which opens on May 15.

In order of appearance:

Song of the New Earth (documentary, 89 mins). Director Ward Serrill follows Tom Kenyon’s quest to integrate modern science and ancient mysticism through sound (music with Ian Moore). Plays at the Pacific Place Seattle theaters on 5/16 at 7pm and 5/17 at 3:30 pm. Tickets available here:

DIANA (short, 7 mins): Two travelers search the world for their missing friend, then invoke strange and powerful magic to bring her back to life. Directed by Erin O. Kay and starring Ben Kasulke. Plays at the SIFF Uptown Theater 5/22 at 9pm as part of the ALT World program at the SIFF Uptown. Tickets here:

When You Were Mine (short, 17 mins): A couple, Ian and Anita, head to the desert to spend their last few days together, while something ominous their way comes. Directed by Michelle Witten. Plays as part of the Alone With You program 5/26 at 11:30 am at the SIFF Uptown. Tickets here:

Secret (short, 8 mins): Watching his neighbors navigate the treacherous waters of young love, George is moved to look at his marriage of thirty years. Directed by Tony Fulgham as part of this year’s Fly Filmmaking Challenge 5/26 at 2:30pm and 6/7 at 3:30pm at the SIFF Uptown. Tickets here:

Box Walk (short, 16 mins). The lessons learned by a quiet Eastern Washington teen reverberate into his adult life in this coming-of-age father-son tale. Directed by Tony Fulgham. Plays in ShortsFest on Opening Night, 5/22 at 7:00pm at the SIFF Uptown Cinema. Tickets here:

Mario (animated short, 3 mins): Based on an Italian folk song, a soldier returns home only to discover his lover has left him. Animated and directed by Tess Martin. Shows as part of Animation4Adults, 5/24 at 9:30pm at the SIFF Uptown. Tickets here:

Finally, Madrona was responsible for the music in the SIFF trailer this year. Plays a million times during the festival, but in case you miss it, here it is!